This directory contains compressed zip files of the alignments 
of C. briggsae (version cb25.agp8) to C. elegans (version WS100).
The alignments were generated by the Wobble Aware Bulk Aligner (WABA), 
an alignment tool developed by Jim Kent for doing large-scale 
alignments between genomic DNA of different species. 

For a description of the WABA alignment algorithm, see Kent, W.J. and 
Zahler, A.M. "Conservation, regulation, synteny, and introns in a 
large-scale C. briggsae-C. elegans genomic alignment". Genome Res. 
10(8):1115-1125 (2002).

All the files in this directory are freely available for public use.
The C. elegans and C. briggsae sequence are made freely available to the 
community by the Genome Sequencing Center at the WUSTL School of Medicine. 
Please see the WUSTL data use policy at for 
data use restrictions and citation information.
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