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This directory contains compressed multiple alignments of
158 Ebola and 2 Marburg virus sequences.

Files in this directory: - relating the accession name to
                                      sequence name

eboVir3.160way.nh - Phylogenetic tree used for multiz alignment.
    This is a simple straight binary tree of all the sequences used
    in the alignment.

eboVir3.strainNames.160way.nh - same phylogenetic tree, accession ids
    converted to strain naming scheme

eboVir3.multiz100way.maf.gz - alignments with gap annotation with
                              accession identifiers
strainName.multiz160way.maf.gz - same alignments with gap annotation
                                 with strain naming scheme

For a description of multiple alignment format (MAF), see

PhastCons conservation scores for these alignments are available at:

PhyloP conservation scores for these alignments are available at:

To download a large file or multiple files from this directory, we recommend
that you use rsync or ftp rather than downloading the files via our website.

Via rsync:
rsync -avz --progress \
        rsync:// ./

Via FTP:
    user name: anonymous
    password: <your email address>
    go to the directory goldenPath/eboVir3/multiz160way

To download multiple files from the UNIX command line, use the "mget" command.
    mget <filename1> <filename2> ...
    - or -
    mget -a (to download all the files in the directory)
Use the "prompt" command to toggle the interactive mode if you do not want
to be prompted for each file that you download.

All the files in this directory are freely usable for any
purpose. For data use restrictions regarding the individual
genome assemblies, see
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