This directory contains zipped multiple alignments of the Chicken genome
(galGal2, Feb. 2004) to the following assemblies:

 - Human May 2004 (hg17)
 - Mouse May 2004 (mm5)
 - Opossum Oct. 2004 (monDom1)
 - Frog Oct. 2004 (xenTro1) 
 - Zebrafish Jun. 2004 (danRer2)
 - Tetraodon Feb. 2004 (tetNig1)

The chr*.maf.gz files each contain all the alignments to that 
particular chicken chromosome.  

For a description of the multiple alignment format (MAF), 

If you plan to download a large file or multiple files from this 
directory, we recommend you use ftp rather than downloading the files 
via our website. To do so, ftp to, then go to 
the directory goldenPath/galGal2/multiz7way/. To download multiple 
files, use the "mget" command:

    mget <filename1> <filename2> ...
    - or -
    mget -a (to download all the files in the directory) 

All the files in this directory are freely available for public use.

For data restrictions regarding the aligned genomes, see .

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