This directory contains the downloadable tables in the Gene
Ontology (GO) database. This database is shared by tracks that 
incorporate GO, such as the Known Genes tracks.

To see descriptions of the tables in go, visit the Table Browser:
select "All Tables" as the group, select go as the database,
and select a table.  Then click the "describe table schema" button.

The data in this directory have the following use restrictions:

	Copyright  1999-2008 Gene Ontology Consortium. 
	Permission to use the information contained in this database 
	was given by the researchers/institutes who contributed 
	or published the information. Users of the database are 
	solely responsible for compliance with any copyright restrictions, 
	including those applying to the author abstracts. 
	Documents from this server are provided "AS-IS" without any 
	warranty, expressed or implied.
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