This directory contains a dump of the UCSC genome annotation 
database for the April 5, 2002 Genbank freeze assembled by NCBI. 
This is updated weekly on Sundays. The .txt.gz files are the 
database tables in a tab-delimited format compressed with gzip.  
The .sql files are the MySQL commands to create the tables.  
To see descriptions of the tables underlying Genome Browser annotation
tracks, select the table in the Table Browser:
and click the "describe table schema" button.  There is also a "view
table schema" link on the configuration page for each track.

All of the tables are freely usable for any purpose except
for the following:

   softberryGene.txt and softberryPep.txt -  Free for academic and
        nonprofit use.  Commercial users please contact
        Softberry Inc at

   genieAlt.txt and genieAltPep.txt - Free for academic and 
        nonprofit use. See Affymetrix user agreement at
        Commercial users please contact Affymetrix Inc. at 

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