This directory contains a UCSC constructed 2bit file for the
Sep. 2007 J. Craig Venter draft genome assembly.
(J.  Craig Venter Institute HuRef 24-SEP-2007)

The sequences from genbank used for this assembly:
chr1  CM000462 GI 157501126
chr2  CM000463 GI 157501125
chr3  CM000464 GI 157501124
... etc ...
chr20 CM000481 GI 157501107
chr21 CM000482 GI 157501106
chr22 CM000483 GI 157501105
chrX  CM000484 GI 157501104
chrY  CM000485 GI 157501103

A utility program, twoBitToFa (available from the kent src tree), can
be used to extract .fa file(s) from this file.  See also:
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